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Resolution IT

In this digital age, print has moved further towards specialty techniques as the likes of leave behinds become more elicit.

This brochure design for Resolution IT is no exception. With emboss foiling on black card, white ink and bespoke C4D renders, it becomes a representative beacon of the company's care and attention in quality, beyond the digital world that they service.

As businesses become more reliant on remote communications, the need for meaningful print that evokes a sense of a company's character is all the more important.

Resolution IT Black Foil on Black.jpeg
Resolution IT C4D Render Macro 2.jpeg
Resolution IT White Ink Logo on Black Card.jpeg
Resolution IT C4D Render Macro 3.jpeg
Resolution IT Brochure Spread 1.jpeg
Resolution IT C4D Render Macro 1.jpeg
Resolution IT Brochure Spread 3.jpeg
Resolution IT C4D Render Wide.jpeg
Resolution IT Contact Details White Ink on Black Card.jpeg
Resolution IT Black Brochure Front and Back.jpeg
Resolution IT Brochure Spread 2.jpeg
Resolution Brochure Inside Spread.jpeg
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