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Polygon Beer Label

This fund company's initiative was to corporatise a beer that reflected their funds success. With two distinct options, the more complex label design was ultimately used for functions and corporate gifts. 

The winning poly styled 6% graphic takes on the form of a data driven model, reflecting the bonds varied sizes and scales, as well as the statistical efforts taken to succeed in the funds growth. While the racing stripe version mimicked an 'up and to the right' trajectory of investment success with its carefully considered forms. Both options use bold messaging in support of the visual sentiment. 

Polygon Beer Label Design 2 closeup.jpg
Polygon Beer Label Design 2b.jpg
Polygon Beer Label Design 1b.jpg
Polygon Beer Label Design 1.jpg
Polygon Beer in Brewery.jpg
Polygon Beer Bottle Filling.jpg
Polgygon Beer Bottling.jpg
Polygon Beer Label Design Closeup.jpg
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