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Maiiro Skincare

Designing the logo to reflect both strength and elegance, offset with hand script descriptors, balances the clinical sciences with the products natural and organic roots.


The packaging takes a high end approach using earthy and organic elements alongside glass and chrome, uniting a range of materials for a unique style.


Clean and specialist print include frosting techniques and foils on glass to reflect the shimmering beauty of the underwater world, as well as luxurious hot foils and blind embossing on thick pulpy stock in traditional print.

Photographed on subtle textures and dressed with seaside elements and ingredients, the images compliment both the clinical and natural design of the packaging. 

Scripting, storyboarding and shooting the video had its own challenges, requiring aerial and underwater footage of Guernsey's beautiful coast when seasons, tides and weather aligned.

Maiiro Anti-Blemish Cream C4D Model Render.jpeg
Maiiro Skincare Jars Lifestyle.jpeg
Maiiro Skincare Anti-Blemish Jar Lid Off.jpeg
Maiiro Anti-Aging Cream Jar.jpeg
Maiiro Skincare Jar Tops Etched.jpeg
Maiiro Organic Seaweed Cosmetics Card.jpeg
Maiiro Foil Logo Soap Box.jpeg
Maiiro Launch Invititaion Foil.jpeg
Maiiro Lip Balm and Box Lifestyle.jpeg
Maiiro Anti-Blemish Jar and Wooden Box.jpeg
Maiiro Lip Salve Lifestyle.gif
Maiiro Jar set with wooden box.jpeg
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