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Infra Norway

This brand for hydro power blockchain mining in Norway, combines multiple meanings and visual cues.


The electrical bolt takes the form of a wave and stretched ’N’ while also alluding to a turbine in conjunction with the outer circle. 


With a positive trajectory left to right it provides a sense of growth and development.


The typography, in sympathy with the marque, uses clean geometry with subtle organic flow while mirroring the weight and stencil style, ensuring a completely bespoke and balanced design.


The overall style ensures a crisp no-nonsense design with excellent legibility and scope for varied applications.

Infra Norway Logo Reverse Scene.jpg
Infra Norway Gold Foil Business Cards.jpg
Infra Norway Stone Sign.jpg
Infra Norway Icon Colours.jpg
Infra Norway UV Logo.jpg
Infra Norway Advert.jpg
Infra Norway Light Trails.jpg
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