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Highland Titles

Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland presentation box collateral. Elevating the design for a newly appointed Laird, Lord or Lady.


Natural beauty is at the heart of the trust, the use of stunning imagery became the focus of a handbook that walks you through what your new title encompasses. The combination of renown landscapes and intriguing facts supports both the romantic and informative nature of the piece, combining  French and German translations within the same document in a way that doesn't distract from the aesthetic.

Certificates, ID cards and tour tickets complete the set which arrives in a gold crested linen box.

Highland Titles Presentation Pack.jpeg
Highland Titles Folder.jpeg
Highland Titles Tour Ticket.jpeg
Highland Titles Plot Card.jpeg
Highland Titles Brochure front and back cover.jpeg
Highland Titles Brochure Spread 1.jpeg
Highland Titles Brochure Spread 4.jpeg
Highland Titles Brochure Spread 2.jpeg
Highland Titles Certificate.jpeg
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