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G's Bees

It's hard to switch off from work at the best of times. For creatives, it follows you home in obscure forms, such as packaging your own honey harvest.


With a lot of honey hobbyists not concerning themselves with packaging, the challenge was to create something of standing without any real investment other than time.


Gift sized square jars escape the traditional hexagonal ones, opting for black lids that feel premium and contrast the content. Perfectly sized stickers affix to the top with the official details on the base, leaving the amber glow of honey to hero all sides.


The G's Bees Honey design avoids the cliché of bee and hexagon iconography, again putting the product (and the honey thief) front and centre.

Gs Bees Honey Labels Macro.jpeg
Gs Bees 9 Honey Jar Labels.jpeg
Gs Bees Honey Jar Label.jpeg
Gs Bees Honey Labels.jpeg
Gs Bees Honey Labels Front and Back.jpeg
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